It is all about framing!

When people see playing cards, they can receive immediately different potential meanings.

Games, Fortune TellingGambling, good times with grandpa, and others also think in magic tricks using them.

So what makes the difference between Mental Magic with playing cards and effective Card Mentalism?

YOU, and the frame that you use during your performance.

That framing includes the explicit narrative that you use in the performance, your verbals and non verbals. How do you express when using playing cards, how do you handle the playing cards, everything will communicate if you are a Magician doing tricks that pretends to read minds or predict the future or really a Mentalist using playing cards.

For that reason "Weekly Cartomancy" is so powerful, both in the inner and outer reality. Internally, it is very simple to execute, you just use one diary, and there is NO deck of playing cards in use. Externally, it is a demonstration of precognitive and reading abilities. Your audience will not feel this routine as a card trick, rather an entertaining demonstration of mental and intuitive skills

I use it as opener and let me tell you that it really impacts the audience and creates the mood of mystery that I want in my performances.

Are you interested in adding "Weekly Cartomancy" to your repertoire?

We have new stock available for "Weekly Cartomancy" !
You can get this routine in eBook format or in psychical form, including a pocket friendly diary and a MultiVelvet Bag ready to use!

Self contained version of the "Diary Effect"
No Deck of Cards
One Diary
One date
One prediction
100% correct always!


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